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Disintegrating Dinosaur Mural in Buffalo, NY

For lack of a better plan, at the moment, I would like to call
everyone's attention to a tragedy in the making:

In one of the main buildings  (the one currently holding a bat exhibit)
of the Zoo in Buffalo New York there is a large mural showing the
"history of animal life" with a large section devoted to dinosaurs. It
appears to be a WPA era mural and is, in aggregate, somewhere around 100
feet long. The style is reminiscent of Zallinger's work.

Because of neglect and humidity, the mural is peeling seriously: large
chunks are in danger of falling off. A conversation with an employee
there revealed that restoration would be expensive, and that little was
known about who did the mural and when.

If anyone has more information and/or ideas about how to stop this loss
from occurring please share it. This is as good a place as any to start
some sort of effort on behalf of what is certainly a work of historical,
if not artistic interest.

It is this sort of painting that encourages public enthusiasm and, by
association, downstream support for paleontology and the sciences.

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