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Cope's skull

Hi all.  I think many of you know I am Cope's biographer.  The skull is
back at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at U. Penn.
It is my understanding that yes, the Museum was VERY upset with what Louis
Psihoyos did with Cope's remains.  The skull is that of Cope.  Cope was
not entirely without his natural teeth when he died.  He had extensive
dental work, but a few natural teeth remaining.  It is my understanding
that some of these are still stored in the box which contains his
The story that is skull might not be his is a myth.  There was supposedly
an "accident" in which Cope's brain, which is the property of the Wistar
Institute at Penn, had been dropped and destroyed or damaged.  That is
also not true.  It is intact and the jar in which it is preserved was
never dropped.  Somehow the story of the brain got blended in Cope
mythology with the story of the skull's being not Cope's.  I.e. that
Cope's skull was lost or destroyed also.

Earle Spamer of the Academy of Natural Sciences is presently preparing
some comments about the case Bakker's selecting Cope to be the type of H.
sapiens.  These I understand will appear in the Proceedings of the
Academy.  Since I am not sure whether Earle is still on dinosaur, I
included his address in this post and you can write him directly if you
have any question or comment for him.  It is my understanding too that
Linneaus was indeed named as the type.  Edward Drinker Cope was/is
CERTAINLY NOT the type.  In my book The Bone Sharp, I have a lengthy
discussion of Cope's remains and their present status and conditions.
Jane Davidson  

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