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Re: Cretaceous therapods of the south

On Wed, 20 May 1998, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

<snippity doo-dah>

> carcharodontosaurs (considered by some to be close to
> abelisaurs, but by others to be advanced allosauroid carnosaurs), and
> various coelurosaur groups (dromaeosaurs, etc.).

I'm going out on a limb again, is it unlikely that carcharodontosaurs are
closely related to sinraptorines?  It seems that their skulls are rather a
lengthened _Sinraptor_ type, and the tall neural spines (of which I don't
know how much is restoration and how much is preserved, no reference
handy) also seem similar between these two animals and _Yangchuanosaurus_.
Also, as restored by our own GSP in _The Complete Dinosaur_,
_Giganotosaurus_ has less of a sigmoid curve in the neck than

Just a thought, probably not 2 cents worth, but...