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Re: Dr. Bakker and Dinosaur intellegence (was: Fwd: Bakkermania!)

>   Crocodiles do in fact hunt cooperatively on occasion ( I have seen
> of this) as well as display "intelligence" above the level that is
> attributed to "lower" vertebrates (there are also cooperatively
> birds,
> desert hawks routinely hunt hares together, and crows also taunt other
> animals as a group, not hunting perhaps but interesting nonetheless).

I won't argue that dinosaurs may have been more intelligent than their
brain weight/body weight ratio may indicate because there's no way to
know one way or the other.  But the cooperative hunting in crocs; was
that two or more crocs actually working together, or simply all trying
to nab the same animal?  I frankly don't know enough about crocs to be
able to deny that truly cooperative behavior may exist, but if it did,
I'd sure like to hear more about it.

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