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Re: Dr. Bakker and Dinosaur intellegence (was: Fwd: Bakkermania!)

From: "Jonathan" <spockjr@email.msn.com>

>  Crocodiles do in fact hunt cooperatively on occasion ( I have seen 
>of this) 

I too have seen footage of numerous crocodiles bringing a zebra into the 
water, but as far as I can tell the first crocodile to latch onto the 
zebra did not do so knowing that it would receive assistance from other 
crocodiles.  In other words, if no other crocodiles had been around, the 
attacking croc would still have behaved in precisely the same manner.

(there are also cooperatively hunting
>desert hawks routinely hunt hares together

I understand that the hawks that do so (red tails?) only do it in 
marginal environments (ie, they don't show the same mutual attack 
strategies in better stocked enviromnents) and that this is not 
altruistic.  It's more an example of:

"I saw it first"
"No, I saw it first"

Altruism in this case would be *not* to strike at the hare the other 
dino-bird is going after.


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