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Portuguese "Meeting on Dinosaur Paleobiology"- First day report

        The first day of the "1st International Meeting on Dinosaur 
in Lisbon (Portugal) was officially opened by the President of the
Portuguese Republic Jorge Sampaio. 
After it Miguel Telles Antunes (from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
talk about the history of the dinosaur findings in Portugal with especial
attention on footprints and on the very
small dinosaurs from the end of Cretaceous of Portugal.  
Vanda Santos (Natural History Museum of Lisbon, Portugal) talk about the
many track sites from Portugal. Including the "largest Middle Jurassic
tracksite known, revealing the world's longest sauropod trackway".
Philippe Taquet (Natural History Museum of Paris) explained the work made
by our team in "GEAL- Museu da Lourinhã" (Museum of Lourinhã, Portugal) on
the "Theropod dinosaur clutches, eggs and embryos in the Upper Jurassic of
Lourinhã, Portugal". More than 100 theropod eggs were found and some of
them with embryos. I think that is the only theropod embryo known in
Jurassic and the largest nest in Jurassic.
John Horner (Museum of the Rockies, USA) speech was about an undisturbed
clutch of Hadrosaur (unidentified lambeosaur) eggs from the Judith River
Formation of Montana with embryos associated.
At the end of this first day Joaquín Moratalla (Universidad Autónoma de
Madrid, Spain) had concentrate his speech mostly on the eggshell
Tomorrow (26-5-1998) Thomas Holtz, Angela Milner, Jean Le Loeuff, José
Sanz, Rinchen Barsbold, Dong Zhiming and Eric Buffetaut will do their own
Tomorrow I will give more news.
Octávio MATEUS
GEAL- Museu da Lourinhã
Rua João Luis de Moura
2530 Lourinhã
Email: museulourinha@mail.telepac.pt
Telefone & Fax: ++351.61.413995