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re: back to science

I am new to the list, and am in no way qualified to verify any of this
data, however, in the interest of discussion, I will try to add my two

> in the form of a kick, stomp, or crushing blow with the head.  The eggs
> developed quickly, like bird eggs, the baby sauropods hatching in a fairly
> precocial state.

With regards to the sauropods being born precocial, couldn't this be
verified with histology of the remains of these "baby" sauropods,
thereby telling us whether or not they were born able to travel, or
whether they needed care for the first part of their life.

> I would propose the following.  Sauropods were highly social animals,
> living in close-knit groups.  They reproduced infrequently, and at any

Given this scenario, what about a pride for the sauropods, with a single
male reproducing with a herd of females?  Is there any evidence to this
type of behaviour, and more importantly, can we identify this type of
behaviour from the fossil record?

Paul Franklin