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Re: Dr. Bakker and Dinosaur intellegence (was: Fwd: Bakkermania!)

On May 26,  6:23am, Joshua Dyal wrote:
> Really?  The last good croc book I read did indeed talk about the
> social and nature of crocodiles, but I certainly don't remember it
> talking about cooperative hunting.  In fact, I thought that since
> crocodiles don't hunt cooperatively and I don't know of any birds that
> do, dinosaurs were nicely bracketed to _not_ be cooperative hunters
> either.
>-- End of excerpt from Joshua Dyal

Yes, details of cooperative fishing by  Nile crocodiles have been
posted before, and are in the archives.  The latest remarkable
crocodilian film footage I've seen showed a caiman moving her
young from one pond to another (because of overcrowding) several
km distant - the young follow the mother just like ducks or geese.
Very suggestive that dinosaurs had similar behaviour (which
incidentally could account for the Maiasaura crushed-eggshell data
without invoking parental feeding - mother leads young on feeding
trip during day, leads them back to nest at night).

Tony Canning