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Re: Dr. Bakker and Dinosaur intellegence (was: Fwd: Bakkermania!)

T.J. wrote:
> Larry Dunn wrote:
> > I too have seen footage of numerous crocodiles bringing a zebra into the
> > water, but as far as I can tell the first crocodile to latch onto the
> > zebra did not do so knowing that it would receive assistance from other
> > crocodiles.  In other words, if no other crocodiles had been around, the
> > attacking croc would still have behaved in precisely the same manner.
> >
> So can we assume that a similar social group of Deinonychus could have
> behaved in a similar way when attacking a prey? But this shouldn´t be called
> pack-hunting.

I think it should be called something like semi-cooperative hunting.
Cooperative hunting (what we typically think of as pack hunting) should
refer to well-coordinated strategies seen today only in canids, hyaenids,
and some cetaceans.  Semi-coordinated hunting should refer to a force of
numbers approach with some strategy behind it, as seen in lions and a
variety of birds (and possibly some therapods).  Straight pack hunting would
refer to behaviors seen in things like pirahnas and other creatures with no
coordination whatsoever.  We have to define various terms for various social
hunting styles so that we know what we're talking about instead of confusing
one another with a single term used in a variety of ways, as "pack hunting"
is now.