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The Bone Sharp

     I just wanted to let you all know about a wonderful new book by the
list's own Jane Davidson, _The Bone Sharp, The Life of Edward Drinker Cope_.
It's simply a must-have for anyone here. The book is loaded with all sorts of
fascinating and desperately needed information about this amazing man and his
work. Kevin Padian has a review of it in the latest JVP. It's paperback and
237 pages.
    To order it, send a check for $25.00 made out to The Academy of Natural
Sciences of Philadelphia to:  Scientific Publications
                                           Academy of Natural Sciences of
                                          1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
                                           Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195
    This price includes postage.
    Reproduced in this book is a restoration of "Laelaps"(Dryptosaurus) by
Cope that is very similar to several others he created. It is a pencil drawing
apparently touched up with pen and ink drawn on the leaf of a letter dating
from 1868. The drawing may have been done later. What is so astonishing about
it is that the jaws are closed and the dentary fits into the maxillia with a
fringe of max teeth forming a perfectly accurate theropod grin. How did he
know that? I wish Holtz was here.
    Buy this book. Congratulations, Jane!  Dan Varner, Paleo-Politically-
Correct for once.