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Meeting on Dinosaur Paleobiology - Second day report


        Angela Milner (Natural History Museum, UK) started the meeting
day explaining us the paleobiology and relationships of Spinosaurs from
England, Spain, Niger, Egypt and Morocco. Unfortunately complete skulls are

        After it, Thomas Holtz (University of Maryland, USA) show how was the
evolution and adaptations of theropods based on cladistic analysis.  

        Jean Le Loeuff (Musée des Dinosaures, France) made is lecture on the 
Cretaceous dinosaurs from Iberia and France.

        José Luis Sanz (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) made a speech
entitled "When dinosaurs begun to fly" discussing the origin of flight with
morphological data.

        Eric Buffetaut (CNRS, Paris, France) showed us the Thailand's findings 
the succession of dinosaur assemblages in Thailand.

        Unfortunately Rinchen Barsbold (Mongolia) and Dong Zhiming (China)
couldn't came to Portugal to talk about fighting dinosaurs and Asiatic
sauropods respectively as planed.

        Tomorrow the lecturers are: Maria Helena Henriques (Portugal), Detlev
Thies (Germany), Delgado Rodrigues (Portugal), Eugene Gaffeney (USA),
Martin Lockley (USA) and Galopim de Carvalho (Portugal).

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