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Re: Bakker -Reply

Randy et al - I am very surprised about this. Regardless of whatever
shortcomings Bakker may have, I've never seen him be anything but very
attentive and interested in the young people at his appearances. Must
have gotten him on a very bad day because his bread and butter these
days is his popular interactions and he tends to be very good at them. He
can be a bit surly with some pros, but we all can be that way and some
seem to need the surlyness from other pros to stay alive. Anyway, I may
be wrong and others may say they had similar experiences, but this is
counter all my experience with Bob and is very surprising.

Ralph Chapman

>>> Randy King <randyk@ims.com> 05/28/98 01:32pm >>>
With all that's been said, I have to share my experience with him as

I've only met the man once.  As most people have indicated, he is
and strongly opinionated.  There was to be a reception following a
of his that many people paid a lot to attend, fortunately, I guess, it was
out of my bracket.  He ignored his responsibilities to talk to the kids
about dinosaurs.  I'm not sure I completely disagree with him on the
but during the whole lecture, it was difficult to get him to address any
remarks or questions from adults.  

All the others I've met have been much friendlier and helpful.  I guess 
Bakker left a bit of a sour taste.