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Re: References for everything

Ralph wrote:
<I've written this before, but I figure it's time for a rerun.  The
Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates Online, established and run by the
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, can provide you with 112,000 
references for extinct vertebrate taxa...>


<...And, yes, the site cites three references for _Elmisaurus_.>


  Oh no! I've turned red!

  I will do a look see at this site. And no, I don't think I've 
encountered any previous posting of the BFV Online, so either this was 
before I hooked up to the list (enlisted?) or I missed it entirely. 
Anyway, you're right in one respect...should've done my web search 
before beseeching thee, but felt overall lazy, am tired, and am rushing 
to finish my site before the deadline... More later....

<You may also wish to read Gregory S. Paul's brief mention of 
_Elmisaurus_ (treated as a junior synonym of _Chirostenotes_) in 
_Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_.>

  Great book, but alarmingly lacking in descriptive info on Elmi. No 
insult to you, Greg, as the animal is just feet and hands.

  Anyway, signing off blushing,

  Jaime A. Headden

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