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Talk about some birds that you can absolutely hate...

Cowbirds are some of the most well-known nest parasites, laying their 
eggs in another birds nest ( there is an African cuckoo that does the 
same of course and has a special "tooth" on its bill to kill its 
nest-mates when it is a chick; I forget its name ).  Cowbirds have the 
habit of staying in groups at sub-adult age ( much like crows ) and they 
wreak havoc just to wreak havoc.  At some of the nature areas I frequent 
they are a real problem bacause they parasatize the nest sites of rare 
birds.  Whenever one of my friends finds their babies in others nests, 
he always have to be the bad guy in front of many people ( always a 
group of children ) and stomp the life out of babies (an unpleasant task 

Matt Troutman

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