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Currie vs. Osmolska

  First off, you may notice I changed my e-mail adress. I did this
when Larry did, and for pretty much the same reasons, like getting a
message in my mailbox a month after it was sent. Dissatisfied with
Hotmail? Perhaps.

  Requisite bookmark changes should be made (and here I am pompously
believing anyone would bookmark my adress, and now downgrading myself).

  Anyway, on to dinos.

  I have Currie, Godfrey, and Nessov (1995) and am wondering if anyone
out there has Osmolska 1971 and/or Smith 1992, to trade. These
specifically refer to oviraptorids.
  Reply off-list, please.

  Getting one headache over with,
  Jaime A. Headden
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