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Pterosauria was Re: Fibula and Bone of Theropod

On Sun, 1 Nov 1998, William Hinchman wrote:

> Pterosaurs are a part of the Archosauria, the "Ruling Reptiles",  Along
> with Dinosaurs, and Crocodillians (some may also include Thecodonts
> here, as a fourth member of the group)
"Thecodontia" is no longer used as a taxon. Basically, "thecodonts" are
all archosauromorphs that are not dinosaurs, pterosaurs, or crocodilians
-- not a very useful definition.

I have one classification at

> Pterosaurs are considered to be the closest relatives of Dinosaurs, the
> Hinged ankle joint being shared creating a group called Ornithodires I
> believe.
K-rect (well, Ornithodira, and members thereof are ornithodires), except
that some animals (_Marasuchus_, _Pseudolagosuchus_, and other
"lagosuchians") are thought to be closer relatives of dinosaurs than
pterosaurs are.

Of course, there is also the Pterosaur Homepage's hypothesis...

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