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Some administrivia updates and stuff

Since it seems my primary job here is to complain I'll start by living
up to people's expectations.  One of the administrative rules for this
list bans Creationist arguments.  It does not explicitly ban
discussions about Creationist arguments, but please people, use a bit
of common sense... if we don't want to entertain the arguments why
would we want to entertain arguments about the arguments?  Please stop
discussing the subject before I have to modify the rules to make the
ban more all-encompassing.

Now for some good news.  I have no inside information (I'm letting
them work in peace), but most of October has been restored to the
archives at CMNH (September still has a sign on it that says "here be
dragons", however, and the link to November has not yet been created).

And for some other good news.  CREN (the owners of listproc) have
released version 8.2.  I don't know when USC will upgrade, but when
they do you'll be able to use the web to interact with listproc (I'd
briefly considered making it possible to do that via the dinosaur
list's administrivia page, but since I knew CREN was working on it I
abandoned that insane idea).  I don't know how nice the interface will
be (or is for those other lucky lists that have it), but the release
notes say that the web interface will allow access to the lists'
archives.  The archives at CMNH are created via an address that
receives the lists' mail the same as you -- as you may recall,
messages listproc receives are also archived at USC in a format that's
currently somewhat cumbersome to search or access.  When USC upgrades,
we may have two easily accessible sources for archival information.

Now as a reward for those of you who've stuck with me...  Last month
Ralph Chapman mentioned that Philippe Taquet has "a new book out on
his exploits".  I suspect what Ralph was talking about is the
following, which is new only to those of us that don't speak French
(some of us just don't have enough gall... or should that be Gall?):

    Dinosaur Impressions
    Postcards from a Paleontologist

    Taquet, Philippe 
    Translated by Kevin Padian

    1998 6 x 9 256 pp.  18 halftones 22 line diagrams

    Hardback 0-521-58372-1 $24.95

I just noticed it in an advertisement in _Science_.  The above was cut
and pasted from the Cambridge University Press web site:


You can order it on-line, but it's not a secure form, so I wouldn't...

Anyhoo, carry on everyone.

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)