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[Fwd: Re: Lost World New Stuff???]

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Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette wrote:
> Hi,
> Would anyone who saw the "extended" The Lost World last night be kind
> enough to tell me (off list) what they added? My addled brain failed to
> set the VCR properly, and you can guess the rest.
> Thanks in advance.
> ES
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Unfortunately the new material was all story and character set-up
absolutely no new Dino scenes were added. There were two new scenes at
the beginning of the movie one featured Hammonds nephew and the board of
Directors at Ingen, the other scene was about the Hunter who lead the
Ingen team on the island and his side-kick and the meeting they had
about the offer to go on the dino-safari. There were various small;
extensions of existing scenes that had been trimmed out as well,but
nothing of any consequence, and once again, no new Dino scenes.
                                Leo Herrera

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