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I was one of those who sat through _The Lost World_ (again :-)) last 
night and I saw the new scenes in all their glory.  My thoughts:

1)  LW looks better on letterbox.
2)  Why I am watching this (again :-))?
3)  The two 'new' scenes should have been kept in the movie, especially 
the Kenya scene where Pete Postlethwaite (aka Roland Tembo) and his 
friend RJ are introduced.  The scene added more dimensions to the Roland 
character than in the cut-up version!  In the theatrical release Tembo 
came off as, frankly, an a**hole.  In the director's cut he had more 
dimensions, the scene where he kicks the American's ass with one hand 
tied behind his back was wonderful.  The scene adds more dimensions to 
the characters introduced and adds some history.  Why they cut it out is 
beyond me.
4)  Malcolm's daughter should have been killed, not Eddie Carr.  (Or 
left out of the movie.)
5)  Sarah Harding.  Need I say more about, "Don't touch a blade of 
6)  _Carnotaurus_ and a _Pteranodon_ attack scene are desperately 

Perhaps I am asking for too much, though.

Matt Troutman

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