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"Dinosaur Tooth Enamel..."

ScienceDaily Magazine has the press release from the Carnegie
Institution of Washington on "Dinosaur Tooth Enamel: A Key To 
Investigating Ancient Climate On Land..."

Go to:

An excerpt:
"By combining aspects of geology, biology, and chemistry, scientists 
at the Carnegie Institution's Geophysical Laboratory are developing new 
ways of analyzing dinosaur tooth enamel in order to infer temperature 
and reconstruct equator-to-pole temperature gradients on land during 
the Mesozoic era, over 65 million years ago. "

"Data from three geographically widespread localities in North America
indicate that temperatures in middle latitudes may not have been 
dramatically different than those of today, which contrasts with the 
globally warmer temperatures inferred for time periods both before 
and after the Late Cretaceous."