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Chinese Whispers [was Feathered therizinosaur]

--Original Message-- From: GSP1954@aol.com Date: 03 November 1998 04:58

>Just got the Soc Avian Paleont & Evol info letter Oct 98. In it it is
>that Zhonghe Zhou was able to "see an unpublished segonosaur dinosaur with
>"feather"-like structure similar to that of Sinosauropteryx. As in Sino.
>Zhonghe has seen no branching or any other modern character. Xing Xu from
>is currently working on this dinosaur."

So we're back to square one again.  It is of course important not to say
anything at all specific on-line, but . . . does anyone know anything for
sure beyond Greg's message above?  Perhaps even an idea of when the pictures
will published would be interesting.