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R: Gallimimus

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>It's "mongoliensis." This is still a nomen nudum, as far as I know.

In the Web Site " Nakasato vil. Dinosaur Kingdom" there is a little
description of Gallimimus Mongoliensis and it's considered as a second
species of the genus. The author suggest that Gallimimus Mongoliensis is
distinguished from Gallimimus Bullatus in:
- relatively straight claws
- humerus and ulna are shorter, thus entire arm structure is much meager
- smaller skull.
Since Gallimimus Mongoliensis had shorter forelimbs with rather straight
claws, it is suggested that this animal was not good at grasping the prey in
comparison to Gallimimus Bullatus. This animal possibly had different eating
behavior from that of Gallimimus Bullatus.

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