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Re: R: Gallimimus

At 09:49 PM 11/4/98 +0100, Alessandro Marisa wrote:

>>It's "mongoliensis." This is still a nomen nudum, as far as I know.
>In the Web Site " Nakasato vil. Dinosaur Kingdom" there is a little
>description of Gallimimus Mongoliensis and it's considered as a second
>species of the genus. The author suggest that Gallimimus Mongoliensis is
>distinguished from Gallimimus Bullatus in:
>- relatively straight claws
>- humerus and ulna are shorter, thus entire arm structure is much meager
>- smaller skull.
>Since Gallimimus Mongoliensis had shorter forelimbs with rather straight
>claws, it is suggested that this animal was not good at grasping the prey in
>comparison to Gallimimus Bullatus. This animal possibly had different eating
>behavior from that of Gallimimus Bullatus.

And it is distinguished from _Anserimimus_ how...?

A warning to folks interested in ornithomimosaurs: this group is due for a
major revision (or three) in the next few years.  Don't fall in love with
too many of the specific, or even generic, names...

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