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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #98

At 08:41 AM 11/4/98 +0100, Berislav Krzic wrote:
>    Hi George!   You are doing a great job with your Dinosaur  Genera list
>corrections. However, may I suggest you also to try putting English 
>translation of the official genera names? I am sure everybody would
>appreciate  it. Personally, I can manage Greek and Latin to untangle most
>of the scientific  names, but I suppose some of the other members of the
>list would appreciate  translation, too, since, the genera names are in
>many cases  descriptive.

   Just a reminder to all that name translations of non-avian dinosaurs,
mesozoic birds, phytosaurs, pterosaurs, aetosaurs and rauisuchians can be
found in the Omnipedia at http://www.dinosauria.com

   New genera such as those in George's list usually follow closely behind
the publication of the new names by George.  As with George, this depends
upon the author's current work load.

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