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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #98

--Original Message-- From: Dinogeorge@aol.com Date: 04 November 1998 01:14

> The paper also finds several spinosaurid characters in the
_Pelecanimimus_ and suggests that ornithomimids and spinosaurids may share a
fairly close common ancestor. Food for thought

That might throw some light on the nature and origin of Baryonyx's claws.
It would also mean _B_ would have had to have been really motoring to have
got to where it was in the time it had, if _Pelecanimimus_ were descended
from Archae.

Do you have any thoughts on what is and what isn't ex-Archae?

> Wouldn't it be interesting if
_Deinocheirus_, a problematic theropod that some think is closely related to
ornithomimids, turns out to be a spinosauroid of some kind?

So _Deinocheirus_ isn't a segnosaur then?  Since the weekend
ornithomimosaurs and segnos might well be mutually exclusive again.