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R: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #98

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Data: mercoledì 4 novembre 1998 2.10
Oggetto: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #98

>Several new dinosaur genera appeared in print during or shortly after this
>year's Society of Vertebrate Paleontology annual meeting, and it is time I
>added them to the Dinosaur Genera List. Let me take them in order of
>Taquet, P. & Russell, D. A., 1998. "New data on spinosaurid dinosaurs from
>Early Cretaceous of the Sahara," Comptes Rendus Académie des Sciences du
>Paris, Sciences de la Terre et des planètes 327: 347?353.
>This paper describes the new genus and species _Cristatusaurus lapparenti_,
>Moroccan spinosaurid based on premaxillae, partial right maxilla, and
>all apparently belonging to a single individual. A few other bits and
>are referred to the taxon.

Is this new taxa the same as "Spinosaurus B" brifingly described in "The
Dinosauria" and referred as additional material to Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus?

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