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"Spinosaurus B"

At 08:01 PM 11/5/98 +0100, Alessandro Marisa wrote:

>>This paper describes the new genus and species _Cristatusaurus lapparenti_,
>>Moroccan spinosaurid based on premaxillae, partial right maxilla, and
>>all apparently belonging to a single individual. A few other bits and
>>are referred to the taxon.
>Is this new taxa the same as "Spinosaurus B" brifingly described in "The
>Dinosauria" and referred as additional material to Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus?

No, "Spinosaurus B" is regarded as material belonging to
_Carcharodontosaurus_ by Sereno et al. (in the Sereno et al. 1996 paper on
_Carcharodontosaurus_ and _Deltadromeus_), but is considered as belonging to
its own taxon (_Sigilmassaurus_) by Russell.

Neither group seems to consider the material as being spinosaurid.

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