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R: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #98

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Data: mercoledì 4 novembre 1998 2.10
Oggetto: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #98

>The paper also tentatively recognizes two
>spinosaurid groups, with longirostrine and brevirostrine muzzles. The
>longirostrine group have relatively elongate premaxillae with no narial
>the brevirostrine group have short, rounded premaxillae drawn up into a
>crest. _Cristatusaurus_ belongs to the latter group. Both groups have seven
>premaxillary teeth, a diagnostic spinosaurid character.

Brifingly the two ipothetical groups of Spinosauridae includes:

Brevirostrine - Baryonyx
                        - Angaturama
                        - Irritator
                        - Cristatusaurus

Longirostrine - Spinosaurus
                         - Sigilmassasaurus

and Siamosaurus as Spinosauridae [incertis sedae]

I don't remember when I have read that Asiamerikana probably is a
Spinosauridae is right this?

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