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Polly Want a Dinosaur?

The Associated Press is running an article on a paper from Thursday's
Nature, called "Did Parrots Coexist With Dinosaurs?" by Rick Callahan.

"An inch-long jaw fragment found in Wyoming suggests that parrots 
were keeping the dinosaurs company in the years before a cosmic 
collision killed off nearly three-quarters of life on Earth, a researcher 
" 'This would be such an astounding discovery that you've got to have 
more evidence than just a skimpy piece of a jawbone to identify a bird 
from the Cretaceous,' said Alan Feduccia, an evolutionary biologist at 
the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill."  Larry Martin and Storrs 
Olsen are also quoted as doubting the identification.
"It was found in the late 1950s in eastern Wyoming. Graduate student 
Thomas A. Stidham came across it three years ago in the University of 
California at Berkeley's fossil collection."