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Re: KING KONG T. rex by Czerkas

I have friends who are friends of Forry.  I can check with them and see if
they know anything about  the King Kong _T. rex_.

    Let me know if I should check -  or just wait for someone else to supply
an answer.

            Allan Edels

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Date: Wednesday, November 04, 1998 6:01 PM
Subject: RE: KING KONG T. rex by Czerkas

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>   I'd settle for a nice, crisp and clear photo of the animation
>model. I've
> been looking for over forty years. Perhaps it's best for some things
>to remain
> elusive-after all that's one of the joys of paleontology. In the
>film that
> model absolutely comes to life. Marcel Delgado created a
>masterpiece. Dan
> Varner.
> I have a pretty good idea who either HAS the animation model or
>knows what became of it: Forest J. Ackerman of Los Angeles.  He used to
>a website.
> Dwight