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Re: KING KONG T. rex by Czerkas

If we all are talking about the animation model of KONG himself, it belongs to
the Smithsonian in Washington DC. It was in a travelling display some years ago
which is where I saw it.  There were several, and the one belonging to the SI
was the most complete one... some fur still on, etc. etc. The other that I've
seen is only the metal armature and I'm not honestly sure who owns that.

Forrie Ackerman is the owner of at least two of the Delgado dinosaurs. I ran
pictures of these in the second or third issue of The Dinosaur Times (available
for sale at D.I.G. -- is that a plug or what?).

Somewhere I have the original photos.

They are in only so so shape. One of the two is the "bronto" or whatever it was
supposed to be that rises up from the lake capsizing the rowboat. It is partly
mechanical so that it could be moved in real time in the water.

The other is a trike. Much of the "skin" is flaking off, and, as I recall, it
was on little wheels so it could be rolled along. This, obviously, was not the
full body one.

As usual, however, I may not have read all of this carefully, so y'all tell me
where I went off track and I'll supply you with more useless information.

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>           I'd settle for a nice, crisp and clear photo of the animation
> model. I've
>         been looking for over forty years. Perhaps it's best for some things
> to remain
>         elusive-after all that's one of the joys of paleontology. In the
> film that
>         model absolutely comes to life. Marcel Delgado created a
> masterpiece. Dan
>         Varner.
>         I have a pretty good idea who either HAS the animation model or
> knows what became of it: Forest J. Ackerman of Los Angeles.  He used to have
> a website.
>         Dwight

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