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Re:ground bird

>Who was the author of the recent short paper describing a really big
>     ground bird from the Late Cretaceous of France or Spain?  I'm looking
>     for it in my files, but without the author don't know where I filed
>     the dang thing...
>     Getting older...
>Hi Jim!
>I've got a couple of references:
>1) Buffetaut, Eric. & Le Loeuff, Jean, Mencin Patrick & Menchin-Salessy
>Annie, 1995. "A large French Cretaceous bird", Nature VOL 377:110
>2) Buffetaut, Eric. & Le Loeuff, Jean, 1998. "A new giant ground bird from
>the Upper Cretaceous of southern France," Journal of the Geological Society
>of London 155: 1?4.
>Berislav Krzic
Dinosaur Books