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Re: Polly Want a Dinosaur?

Mary Kirkaldy, our reporter extraordinaire and all-around nice person,
<<"An inch-long jaw fragment found in Wyoming suggests that parrots
were keeping the dinosaurs company in the years before a cosmic
collision killed off nearly three-quarters of life on Earth, a
researcher says.">>
and the intrepid *Dinogorgeus olshevskyi* replied:
<Sounds like a caenagnathid to me...>
  Compare to *Chirostenotes sp.* in Currie, Godfrey, and Nessov, 1993.
A really robust caenagnathid jaw, about as long as *Chirostenotes
pergracilis* (Sternberg, 1940) NMC 8667, the type for *Caenagnathus
collinsi*, but far deeper; also from the Hell Creek Formation,
Montana? [I don't have my ref with me right now, but it is USA].

Jaime A. Headden

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