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Great News for Dinosaur Modellers

I recently had the chance to speak with Matt Manit of Living Resin
Productions, a dinosaur sculptor who has recently made quite a name
for himself as a creator of strictly accurate and extremely artful
dinosaur sculptures, and he passed along some great news.

Matt has teamed up with Charlie McGrady of CM Studios, enigmatic
dinosaur sculptor extraordinaire, to bring us some new renditions of
Charlie's work.

Matt will be taking Charlie's dynamic, often very large pieces and
redoing the skin with his trademark obsessive attention to detail --
each scale and scute intricately carved into the flesh of the animal. 
Nothing out there even comes close.

Matt mentioned that among the animals to be released will be a
lambeosaur and a large model of Postosuchus, a huge poposaur from the
late triassic period that was capable of limited bipedal locomotion --
and a personal favorite animal of mine!  A fleeing dicynodont may be
offered as well to go with the Postosuchus.

Figures builders will also be happy to hear that Matt and Charlie will
be releasing the hilarious Godzilla Walking his pet T. rex as a kit as
well!  They're working on it now, Charlie on the hysterical old fogey
Godzilla and Matt on the nice little T. rex piece.  

Of course, each sculptor will continue to create his own work as well.
 Matt is currently working on a Plateosaur as his next Living Resin
kit.  Great news!  Charlie is working on a series of Rhinoceros
sculptures that will be sure to please.  (I hope to be putting up a
McGrady page in the near future with ordering information and samples
of his huge body of work.)

Stay tuned to the Megalania website for more on the Manit/McGrady team
and the exciting pieces to come!


"Future events such as these will affect you in the future." 


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