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re: Huge Jackets

Just to let you know, I think I replied to you about this (in reference to a 
sauropod I worked on). I may have not been much help to you in your situation, 
but I don't think anyone was attempting to withhold anything from you.

EACH situation in the field is very different from another. What someone else 
did in one case may not work in another. You have to consider variables such as 
machinery, manpower, site location, the specimen and shape/size of the jacket, 
and endless other details. Fieldwork is an art form, and sometimes you have to 
learn from the University of Hard Knocks and even make it up as you go along. 
My point is, it would be very hard for anyone who had not seen your site and 
had all the details available to have given you a step by step procedure.

I'm happy everything went well for you! My only advice is to go for SMALLER 
dinosaurs next time! *smile*

-Sherry Michael