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dinosaurs for sale

reposted from alt.dinosaur
I am not otherwise connected-so don't contact me  ;]

Subject: dinosaur lifesize models for sale
Date:      6 Nov 1998 00:50:59 GMT
From:      march@hcnews.com (Don J. Eichler)
Organization:         Eichler Properties
Newsgroups:         alt.dinosaur

We have 11 lifesize models for sale. 
allosaurus,elasmosaurus,stegosaurus,2 ea 
struthiomimus,dimetrodon,sabertooth tiger,triceratops,seymouria and 2 
baby triceratops. All priced at a very reasonable price fob texas. these 
are not museum quality and are made of fiberglass out of a dinosaur 
theme park.e-mail march@hcnews.com