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Mesozoic Birds of China (revisited)

Hi All -

        For anyone who was more interested in my previous report on Hou
Lianhai's new book _Mesozoic Birds of China_, I've gotten a complete

Hou, L.  1997.  _Mesozoic Birds of China_.  Feng-Huang-ku Bird Park, 228
pp.  ISBN 957-02-0484-2

First, the bad news  8-C  :  I had to go through the ISBN office in Taiwan
to track down the name of the publisher and the date of publication; the
ISBN prefix (957-02) is used for many Chinese publishers, and doesn't show
up in the US ISBN databases because there is no US distributor for the
book.  A bit of good news, though:  the latest SAPE newsletter also notes
that Hou is busily writing a second book, specifically on _Confuciusornis_.
 No word on title, release date, etc.  

        Speaking of bird books, does anyone know what the current status of
Chiappe & Witmer's forthcoming book _Mesozoic Birds:  Over the Heads of
Dinosaurs_ is (e.g., projected release date)?

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