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Re: Polly Want a Dinosaur?


    My guess is that people (on this list, at least) generally include birds
as dinosaurs, regardless of whether they believe BADD (BAMM) or BCF.  To
distinguish birds from the other dinos, many people have taken to calling
them Avian Dinosaurs, and all others - Non-Avian Dinosaurs.

    I think that birds (and flying, or secondarily flightless dino-birds)
should be called avian dinosaurs, all the rest should be called dinosaurs
(i.e., assume 'Non-Avian' unless told otherwise).

        Allan Edels

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Date: Saturday, November 07, 1998 3:03 AM
Subject: Re: Polly Want a Dinosaur?

>Sorry to be so dumb about this, but MUST we differentiate all the time
>between mere "dinosaurs" and "non-avian dinosaurs"?  If so, why so?  I'm
>sure the information is in the archives or simply common knowledge to many
>but what exactly are "dinosaurs" (not a technical defintion but what I'm
>asking is; are they ALL "avian" unless stated to be otherwise now?)
>Thanks- PVS