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Tuatara (off topic)

In my very occasional sideline as a freelance journalist, I am attempting a
piece on the City of Toronto's proposed animal control bylaws as these
effect the sale and ownership of exotics, specifically reptiles.  Although
mostly critical of the bylaw, I am applauding the decision to ban the sale
and ownership of Tuatara's.  In the piece, I
am saying that these animals are "living fossils that shared the earth with
the dinosaurs", that they are "confined to a few islands off New Zealand",
and that they have been made endangered by the exotic pet trade.  Does this
sound about right?  If not, can anyone give a five line summary of the
history of these animals that would bring my account into line with the facts.

Also, is there anyone out there with experience in exotics that would
disagree with this kind of ban.  It seems like a no brainer to me, but...

In any case, if this query is inappropriate to the forumn, please respond

M.J. Murphy

The Shapes of Things are Dumb.
- L. Wittgenstein