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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #99

Ben Creisler notes a new name in the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and
Science _Bulletin_ #14 that I overlooked, namely, "Capitalsaurus," in the

Kranz, P. M., 1998. "Mostly Dinosaurs: A Review of the Vertebrates of the
Potomac Group (Aptian Arundel Formation), USA," in Lucas, Kirkland & Estep,
eds., 1998: 235-238.

It is said to be a "large carnivore." There is no other description, so we add
the genus

"Capitalsaurus" Kranz, 1998 [nomen nudum]

as genus #841 to the Dinosaur Genera List.

Ben also notes that the species epithet of _Eolambia caroljonesa_ need not be
respelled to the posessive form _caroljonesae_, because, strange as it seems,
it may be considered either an adjective or a noun in apposition modifying the
generic noun. So be it, whatever a "caroljonesa" might be!