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At 01:11 PM 11/7/98 -0000, John Jackson wrote:

>>"Could be anything"!  I think that the teeth are described as
>>maniraptoriform in character.  Padian also described some Morrison
>>maniraptorans or maniraptoriforms.
>Padian also said Archae did not display any particularly arboreal
>adaptations.  He also said that the mechanically totally unsuited
>maniraptoran hand was designed to give "killer blows" (rather than for
>hooking and pulling).  I think I'll take his opinion on an animal for which
>he has only the teeth with a pinch of salt.

A) Hooking and pulling is EXACTLY the type of "killing blow" proposed for
the maniraptoriform hand by Gauthier & Padian: please read the paper.  It
has nothing to do with bear-like power slaps: it is simply a method to
rapidly acquire the prey so that other parts (jaws, foot claws, etc.) can
dispatch the prey.

B) Sorry, the material that Jensen and Padian describe is quite clearly

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