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From a concerned parent.

   Thought all y'all would find this amusing.

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>Subject: From a concerned parent.
>look Mr. poling, I just read your article and one of a Mr. Mark
>Saaleweachter.  Obviously people are starting to doubt your so called,
>"findings" and you must be stopped.  I will do everything in my power to
>get you thrown in jail.  I have already talked to the head of San Diego
>Unified school district PTA, and she is willing to back me 100%.  You
>must stop your madness campaign at once.
>   A Concerned Parent
>"GIANT BEASTS"........You sicken me.

   [I don't know what article this guy is talking about, but I do have an
2-year-old email from this Saalwaechter comparing me to Hitler.]

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