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 But outside of 'Jurassic Park' (and associated fiction), I am not 
 aware of any suggestions, other than Graeme's in _Dinoworld_ that any 
 theropods other than tyrannosaurids had poisonous or venomous bites. 

  When I was about 12, almost 40 years ago, I wrote a letter to Edwin H.
Colbert at the AMNH, where, at that time, he was still curator of fossil
reptiles and amphibians. I asked if megalosaurians might have been equipped
with poision glands in their lower jaws for dispatching the huge brontosaurs
(Allosaurus at this time was a megalosaurian). He very kindly said he doubted
it as there was no direct evidence for it in the osteology and politely sent
me on my way with a fatherly pat on the head. At that time he was (and still
is ) a giant in the field. And I still preserve that letter and appreciate his
taking the time to help along the curiousity of a 12 year old. Great guy! Dan