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Some administrative stuff

Please, don't anybody else respond to "Natalia de Lemeny - Makedonova"
<natalia@internet.sk>'s message to the dinosaur list (feel free to
write to her directly if you'd like, but keep us out of it).  I've
just removed her address from the subscribers file and informed the
listprocessor to ignore any subsequent messages from that address.  I
consider her message to have been spam on this list, so acting under
the authority of rule 8b of the dinosaur lists' administrative
message, I've given her the axe.  (Miss Lemeny, I'm copying this
message to you so that you'll know why your mailbox is no longer
filling up with dinosaur mail...)

Since that message was such a catalyst...  Do I need to send a message
once a week telling everybody why this list is here?  Please, no
politics, no Planet of the Apes jokes, no responses to spam...  If you
don't like something you see on the list and your reasons for
disliking it make you want to say something that doesn't have anything
to do with dinosaur science then either write to me or to the author
of the message.  Leave the innocent bystanders alone!

I should say more, but I fear I've got other things to worry about and
the worst offenders don't listen anyways...

Thanks for your cooperation,

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)