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[db@press.uchicago.edu: The Last Dinosaur Book]

We've already seen some of Jeff Hecht's take on the book described
below (that can be seen again at:


if you've forgotten).  I have not seen the book myself, so I can't
tell you anything else, but the enclosed message was sent to me by Mr.
Blobaum and I forward it now for those that might have an interest.  I
hope it need not be said that I have no affiliation with the
University of Chicago Press and I'll get nothing out of sending this
message other than the accolades or grief you send me in response...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

Why are dinosaurs, dead millions of years, an inescapable feature of
late-20th century life?  In _The Last Dinosaur Book: The Life and Times of
a Cultural Icon_, W.J.T. Mitchell shows why we are so fascinated by these
long-gone reptiles.  Come visit our web feature for an introduction to the
book; we have an excerpt (Chapter 37, "Why Children Hate Dinosaurs"),
Mitchell's "Seven Theses on the Dinosaur," an interview, and a schematic
history of dinosaur images (with dozens of web links).
The web feature is at:

Thank you.

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