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Re: I'm not even sorry

>  Yes, yes, I know I shouldn't have done that, but a direct insult is
>  more than I am willing to stay quiet for.  If I have insulted
> anybody,
>  too bad.
>         Blue the Unrepentant
>   >>
>   Dear Blue, I'm sorry that you were insulted by my post to Mr.
> Wagner. I can
> assure you that no insult was intended, let alone a direct one. The
> letter was
> meant to be ridiculous-so much so that frankly I'm surprised at your
> reaction.
> "Pansy" and "whup-..." are normally not part of my everyday vocabulary
> nor do
> they normally appear here on the list. Since my wife and I moved here
> to New
> Jersey, our dearest and almost only friends here happen to be gay. I
> do
> apologize to you and anyone else who may have been offended, however.
> Repentant as ever, Dan Varner.

        Dear Dan,

        Thank you for your kind letter.  Sometimes when something makes me
really angry, my mouth takes over before the brain can get in gear.  
What I *should* have said was that the use of *pansy* has for many, many
years been the kind of subtle insult that is so embedded in the society
no one even realizes it is an insult.  

        Having been a woman *and* gay for almost 60 years, my tolerance for
insult is very low.  It has only been the last few years that it has
been possible for us to speak out loud about this sort of thing and I
guess many of us have a ton of frustrations we haven't been able to get
rid of.  

        I will no doubt continue to do speak out, but I will endeavor to do it
in a gentler manner.  I am truly sorry I teed off on you when I was
angry with the word instead.  I would ask all of you to try to be a
little more aware of the expressions you use every day that you (and I)
don't necessarily think about before we say them.  

        Dan, I do apologize to you and to the rest of this great list.  I'm not
so sure about you, Larry.  You're as bad as I was, and good luck on your
suggestion.  :)  It was, at least, succinct.

        I'll try to think quicker next time,too.

        Thanks for your patience,

        Bigmouth Blue 

        PS  Whup-*** is a great expression, by the way.  used it all my life. 
Do I come from Texas, or what?