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The Top 10 Dinosaurs for 1998

More responses needed!!! I've only received 19 so far!!!

Yes, its time for another survey to determine your favorite Dinosaurs.
Two years ago I conducted a survey in which each person was asked
to submit the names of 13 of their favorite Dinosaurs (Genus names) from
which the top 10 were derived from all the returns.  This year we do it
again, but the survey is expanded.

Answer the following survey (use genus names) and send your responses to:


If you need help there are a number of dinosaur genus listings available
on the web:


There are currently 841 genera (as of 11-8-98) to choose from
1) Name the most bizarre dinosaur?

2) Name your 5 favorite carnivorous (meat eating) Dinosaurs.

3) Name your 5 favorite herbivorous (plant eating) Dinosaurs.

4) Name the Dinosaur you wish you could find more information about.

5) Which Dinosaur do you believe has had the greatest impact on our
   understanding about Dinosaurs?

6) If you were a Dinosaur which would you be?  (Think about this one)

7) Last chance...name 3 other Dinosaurs you have not already listed above.


Thank you for your responses.  The outcome will be posted January 1, 1999

John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)