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Stereoscopic Dinosaurs (The other shoe)

Let's try this again:

In the spirit of awesome weirdness, we have a new feature somewhat
whimsically entitled:

"Stereoscopic Dinosaurs"

This mini-survey attempts (hopefully) to relate the mysteries of
stereoscopic vision to the deeper criteria of "paleontological biology."

As usual, we would be greatful if you sharp-eyed dino-minions would be
kind enough to tell us where we went wrong.

If nothing else, you'll drive yourself crazy trying to view the pictures

with your eyes crossed.

All of this madness is at:


and it runs for about three pages at the moment.

The graphics are larger than usual, so those of you with 2400 or 9600
baud modems might want to give up on this whole thing in advance.

Soon we'll be subsidizing T1 lines just to make our readers happy.

Thank you in advance for your pains.

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