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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #98 - re Eobrontosaurus

Scott A Hartman wrote:

>      Having been on site when the skull was found, and present during
> much
> of the preperatory and reconstruction process, I have a few choice
> words
> about Eobrontosaurus.  First of all, Eobrontosaursus was not created
> for
> the skull that has been displayed.  It is for the animal described
> intially as Apatosaurus yanahpin   By Filla et al.

  I've just joined your mail list - although I have looked thru some of
the archives.  Can someone please tell me more about Bakker's
Eobrontosaurus?  i.e. locality & age (strata/formation) & size.  Is it
from the lowest Morrison?  I am wondering about this because of the
prefix (EO).

btw I have a  dinosaur section on my web site, but it needs heaps of
work.  Among other things I am interested in the vast sweep of evolution
of life on earth, and the metamorphoses that life goes thru.  Ideally if
i ever get around to it (probably not - or will run out of webspace long
before) i would like to have a  page on each family of prehistoric
tetrapods (or at least teh more interesting ones...)

Kewl!   :-)

M.Alan   Proteus   CyBeRrDeWd

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