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Dino eggshells found in Japan

(From the Kyodo News Service)

"Fossilized dinosaur eggshells found in Fukui"

FUKUI, Japan, Nov. 11 (Kyodo) -- The Fukui Prefectural Museum 
announced Wednesday the discovery of fossilized dinosaur eggshell 
parts dating back 120 million years ago. 

Yoichi Azuma, a member of the museum staff, said about 20
fossilized eggshell fragments were found from an early Cretaceous
stratum in Katsuyama in the prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast 
last summer, and eight of them have been confirmed as those of 

But the dinosaur type is not known, Azuma said. It is difficult
to determine the type of dinosaur from its eggshell fossils, he 

The eight fossils measure 6 millimeters to 13 mm. The discovery of 
as many as eight fossilized dinosaur eggshells from the early Cretaceous 
period is rare not only in Japan but in the world, he said. 

AP-NY-11-10-98 2311EST